Nicole has the professional & lived experience to ensure the first District of Snohomish County’s voices are heard and values implemented.

Nicole is a fierce advocate for the many natural resources found in Snohomish County. She shares that interest with many of our residents who are hunters and farmers, enjoy fishing from the rivers, camping among the trees, hiking and horseback riding in the mountains and valleys and swimming in the lakes. Nicole wants to keep these areas pristine and help to improve them for future generations including her own children and grandchildren. Snohomish County needs strong leaders to defend our environment in this time of growth. With her education in Natural Resource Management and professional experience in Restoration Ecology, Forestry and Urban Forestry, Nicole is the person to keep our fisheries, farmlands, wildlands and everything in between thriving. We can and must do better.

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Building Sustainably

Small businesses took a hit during the pandemic with the shut down and despite our current reopening, some of our small businesses didn’t make it. Nicole wants to make sure people have the proper tools to be successful in business. As a small business owner herself for nearly two decades, Nicole has always supported small, local businesses. She believes small businesses can substantially feed the economy if they’re given the proper support to thrive. As a single mother of three, Nicole understands the barriers to what it takes to have a successful small business; she is ready to put her experience into play for all. Nicole believes Snohomish County must support small businesses and the middle class without raising their taxes. We can and must do better.

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Growing Small Businesses

We need creative, outside the box, solutions to ensure everyone is housed. There is a shortage of affordable housing across Snohomish County and our plans for development must prioritize affordability alongside sustainability. She believes that the people of the Snohomish Valley can have homes and wild spaces, while also preserving our cherished way of life. Nicole knows that it is not necessary to pave over all of our open spaces and destroy our country living areas and life styles, or our forests and places we recreate in order to make more living space for the residents, and future residents, of Snohomish County. Nicole understands the connection between affordable housing and living wage jobs. She supports the use of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and multi-use buildings among other solutions. We can and must do better.


​Nicole, though not 'soft on crime', believes in a compassionate approach to drug addiction and homelessness. It is well documented and widely agreed that jail is not a sensible or financially sound approach to dealing with drug addiction. Getting people off the streets and into safe places where they can receive the services that they need is a more holistic approach than jail. Properly funding our law enforcement to expand and address these and other issues in a compassionate manner she believes is a better approach. We can and must do better.

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Public Safety